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Avid golfers and skiers created to help you find great discounts on tee times, ski trips, and the most popular golf and ski gear. We have searched and compiled a long list of savings, from deals on golf shoes to golf clubs and the latest skis to lift ticket discounts.

Even before the fairways are green, we are always adding new golf offers on tee times, clubs, clothing, and shoes. And before the first few flakes of snow fall, we have discounts on ski and snowboarding gear from the best brands.

Bring Snacks with You

Golf clubs sell energy bars, sports drinks and bottles of water for golfers to carry with them while they play rounds of golf. At your local convenience store, an energy drink and protein bar will run you between $3 and $5. At the club, you will pay between $6 and $8 for the same thing. Stop at the store and pick up the snacks you will need to keep your energy up during your round as a way to discount golf costs.

Refurbished or Rescued Golf Balls

Golf balls can be expensive and, if you’ve ever lost a few in the rough or a water hazard, you know how easy it is to go through a box of golf balls. During the cooler months, head to the golf course to hunt for lost balls in weeds, wooded areas and even the water. You can also purchase refurbished and recycled balls online at several different websites as a way to get a golf discount.

Skip the Golf Cart

Although the golf cart may be an easier way to get around an 18-hole golf course, most clubs charge an extra fee for you to use a cart. Walking the 18-holes is a great way to get more exercise and get a golf club discount at the same time. Some experts say that skipping the golf cart can help you pace yourself while also providing golf discounts.

Discount Golf Shoes and Clothes

If you are looking for a discount golf shoe or need to buy new golf clothes, wait until winter to buy them. October through January are the best months to find clothes and golf shoes discounted as many stores are trying to get rid of last year’s inventory, including discount golf shoe styles, to make room before next year’s collection arrives. Although you won’t be wearing the current trends in golf clothing, few people will notice as the look of golf apparel does not change that much from year to year. Plus, the clothing and golf shoes discount may be enough to add an extra round of golf during the season.

Be Careful of Discount Golf Shows

If you live in an area with four seasons, by mid-winter you know how much you want to get in some golf. This is when many discount golfing supply shows begin to show up in your area, so you decide to check them out and see if you can find some discount golf shoes or clubs. Vendors at these shows often must pay hefty fees to set up and they have to recover those costs. This means that the golf club discount you get may be for a second-rate club that is disguised as an original or the golf shoes discount you thought you got was actually on a pair of shoes that the vendor marked up significantly.

You Don't Always Need To Buy Name Brand Clubs

It may be tempting to buy the biggest name in golf clubs but if you are looking for discount golf club prices, purchase knock-off clubs instead. For every brand-name club available, there are discount golf clubs that are very close to the same design. Most of the discount golf clubs perform just as well in an amateur’s hands as the name-brand ones. You can also purchase used if you want a true golf club discount. This is especially true if you prefer to buy the name-brand versions at discount golf club prices. Golf clubs don’t usually wear out but be sure the shafts are straight and the hosel is secure on the discount golf club you find.