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Even before the fairways are green, we are always adding new golf offers on tee times, clubs, clothing, and shoes. And before the first few flakes of snow fall, we have discounts on ski and snowboarding gear from the best brands.

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More than 66 million people play golf while more than 135 million ski, making them some of the most popular participation sports in the world. Both sports can be expensive, so it is always beneficial to find savings whenever you can. can help you find savings that will allow you to enjoy your favorite sports without emptying your wallet.

Golf Clothes

Golf clubs, even those that are public, often have dress codes which prohibit jeans or t-shirts. Therefore, you will want to invest in clothing that not only meets the dress code of your favorite golf course but also allow you the freedom you need to swing properly. In most cases, you want to choose a shirt with a collar, such as a polo shirt. Golf shirts are often a little longer than regular polo shirts so that they remain tucked in when you swing the golf club. As for pants, men should choose linen, khaki or cotton while women should wear capris, skirts, skorts or culottes. In cold weather, wool is also acceptable. Shorts and skirts should be at least knee length. You can also wear light windbreakers or jackets. You can find incredible savings at on all types of appropriate golf attire.

Top Golf Clothes Discounts And Deals

Gold Clubs

Whether you have been golfing for years or are just starting out in the sport, you will need to choose the right golf clubs. Choosing the right golf clubs is critical to your performance as a golfer. If you have been watching golf, you may have noticed professionals wearing the name brand club and believe that those must be the best. However, each golfer is different which means you may want to invest in a wide range of club manufacturers. Also keep in mind that if you are just starting out playing golf, you will need specific club types. Experts recommend starting with a driver, a 3-wood, a putter and odd numbered irons. You may also want to start with steel shafts rather than graphite as they are better for beginners. At, you can find savings on many different brands of clubs as well as a variety of club types at discounted prices.

Top Golf Clubs Discounts And Deals

Golf Balls

Not all golf balls are created equal, and you want to be sure you choose the right options for you. Most golf balls are comprised of three layers while there are some with two or four. TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x have five layers. The fewer layers a ball has, the harder it is to get distance and optimize your green. The exterior of the ball can also make a difference and many experts recommend choosing cast urethane covers. The core of the ball should differ depending on the golfer as well. Golfers with slower swing speeds should choose a softer core while those who swing with more power may want to select a core that is harder. You will also want to choose a ball that spins the best with your type of swing. Although the optimal spin is often determined by your swing, choosing the right golf ball can also help with slices and hooks. When it comes to color, there are studies that show brightly colored balls may improve performance. This may be because a brightly colored ball is easier to see and follow as it leaves the club as opposed to white balls. One way to save on your golf balls is by signing up for where you will find savings on all types of golf balls.

Top Golf Balls Discounts And Deals

Golf Equipment

Clubs, clothing and balls are not the only thing you need when you head out to the golf course. You will also need additional supplies. A golf bag will be necessary to keep your equipment organized. Be sure to get one large enough to carry at least 14 clubs, your balls, raingear and water bottles. You cannot golf without golf tees, which are nail-shaped wooden or plastic pieces that you push into the ground to hold the ball before you hit it. Golf range finders are also beneficial if you are going to play golf often. These scopes magnify the target and shoots a laser beam to determine the exact distance you will need to hit the ball. Some range finders use the flagpole itself to lock in the measurement while others need a reflective surface. Unfortunately, you will not always strike the ball when you swing, especially if you are a beginner. This causes what is known as a “divot” in the green that needs to be repaired. Although golf courses rarely require a golfer to fix a divot, it is a matter of courtesy to do so, especially if the divot is particularly deep. At, you can find savings on divot tools, tees and other golf equipment that can help your game improve.

Top Golf Equipment Discounts And Deals

Tee Times

Of course, purchasing all of this golf equipment is useless if you are not going to play golf which means you will need tee times. The average cost for 18 holes of golf in the United States is $61 for private courses and $36 for public courses. However, these prices vary greatly depending on the course. For example, a round of golf at Pebble Beach is $575 per person and that does not include a golf cart or caddie fees. You must be a member to play Augusta National and membership is $40,000 per year although a round of golf for members is only $40. Most golfers are members of local courses with much lower membership fees or they use public courses where they can book tee times at a reasonable rate. However, even some smaller courses have fees that can add up. Register for in order to save as much as possible on tee times near you.

Top Tee Times Discounts And Deals

Golf Carts

More and more people are choosing to live in multi-use developments that have their own golf course. Many of these developments encourage the use of golf carts to get around the neighborhood in order to reduce foot traffic. Even if you are not a golfer, if you live in a planned development, a golf cart may be the optimal way to get around. In fact, some cities are allowing golf carts on smaller streets to reduce parking issues and greenhouse gases. You can find both gas-powered and electric golf carts and, depending on your use of the golf cart, both cost about the same to maintain. Electric carts need to have the batteries replaced periodically while gas-powered carts must have the oil, filters and belts changed periodically. Electric carts are quieter than gas carts so it is possible a development may require you to purchase an electric cart rather than a gas one. At, we offer savings on both gas and electric carts which may make it easier for you to own your own cart rather than rent one the next time you head to the golf course.

Top Golf Carts Discounts And Deals


Purchasing skis can be an intimidating process as there are so many different types, manufacturers and styles. The first thing to look at is the shape of the ski. The camber is the slight upward curve in the middle of the skis which determine how your weight is distributed along the ski. The rocker, also known as the reverse camber, is the curved part on the tail and tip of the ski which changes how your ski contacts the snow. Your ski size will also be based on your waist width, your height, your weight and the type of skiing you plan to do. Beginners may do better with shorter skis while longer skis offer better stability in deeper snow. With so many options when it comes to skis, when you do determine what style you want, you want to save as much as possible. Registering for can save you money on the type of skis that will be perfect for your needs.

Top Skis Discounts And Deals

Ski Boots

Another important part of your ski purchase are your ski boots. The most important factor in choosing the right ski boots is the flex index which are usually listed between 50 and 130. The higher the number, the stiffer the boot. Soft flex boots are comfortable and will keep your feet warm which is usually best for beginners. Medium flex boots are better for higher speeds and turns while stiff flex boots are usually used by expert skiers who take aggressive runs and need better responsiveness. Very tall skiers may also need stiffer boots. Keep in mind that flex indexes vary by manufacturer so one boot from one company rated at 110 may not be the same as another company’s 110 flex index.

Top Ski Boots Discounts And Deals

Ski Poles and Bindings

Bindings are another feature of the ski that you will need to invest in for the sport. Bindings keep the boots attached to the skis, but if you fall, they are what you use to release your boot. The wrong binding could result in serious injury so it may be the most important part of your ski. Binders also have the brakes which lay flat when you are moving across the snow. If you fall and the ski flies off, the brakes will flip down to slow your ski. Track-mounted binders are attached to a track on your skis which can be adjusted to the size of your boot. These are often the best for beginners. Drill-mounted binders are permanently attached to your ski but offer a lighter option than track-mounted binders. You can find skis with integrated binders which are usually less expensive. Ski poles are also a necessity if you plan to ski. Poles are fitted with you standing in shoes or ski boots. Hold the pole upside down with the grips touching the floor, grab the pole just under the basket, the disk that is sometimes shaped like a snowflake near the bottom of the pole, and try to place your elbow at a 90 degree angle. If the angle is more than 90 degrees, you need a longer pole while an angle less than 90 degrees may mean you need a shorter pole. When using the straps, put your hand up through the strap and then your thumb and hand over the strap and around the pole. Baskets can be changed depending on the type of snow you will be skiing in. Powder may require a larger basket while groomed slopes may need a smaller basket. Whether you are searching for new poles or binders, be sure to register for in order to reduce your costs as much as possible.

Top Ski Poles And Bindings Discounts And Deals


Many people take to the slopes not to ski but to snowboard. Snowboarding is growing in popularity yet shopping for the right board can be as complicated as shopping for skis. You want to be sure to choose a board that is the right size. One way to determine if the length is right is to stand the board on its tail next to you. If the nose of the board reaches between your nose and chin, it is likely the right length. Snowboards also come in different styles, many depending on the type of snowboarding you plan to do. All-mountain, freestyle, powder and more are a few options you can select. Like skis, snowboards also have a camber and rocker with each board having a different style. A cambered board is good if you will mostly snowboard on flat runs while a combination may be better for softer snow. Your boots should extend just slightly over the edges of the board but too much overhang could lead to drag which may make it difficult to control the board. Other options to look for in a board is the shape, sidecut radius, effective edge, board flex and the base material. With no registration fee, is a great way to reduce the cost of your next snowboard.

Top Snowboards Discounts And Deals

Snowboard Boots

Just like your skis, you will need to select the right snowboard boots as well. Choosing the right one is very similar to choosing ski boots. You can find them with soft, medium and stiff flex but the right choice will depend on the type of snowboarding you will do and your experience. Your riding style will also determine what type of boots you want to choose. All-mountain applies to any terrain where snowboards are permitted ,and most snowboarders are all-mountain riders. Freeride boots are designed for untracked back country terrain while freestyle boots are for half-pipe, rails, jumps and tricks. You can also choose different lacing systems including traditional, quick-pull and boa systems all of which are dependent on your riding style. You can also choose different liners for your boots with non-moldable liners less pliable than thermoformable or custom moldable. No matter what style of snowboard boot you are looking for, can help you save on your next pair.

Top Snowboard Boots Discounts And Deals

Snowboard Bindings

Bindings are also required for a snowboard, and you will want to choose the right bindings for your needs. Just like boots, you can choose from all-terrain, freestyle, freeride, powder and more, depending on the type of snowboarding you are going to be doing. Strap bindings are the most common type of snowboard binding with straps that ratchet into place to hold your boots in place. Speed-entry bindings are similar but have high backs that allow you to get in and out of the binder quickly. They are heavier than strap bindings but are often preferred by beginners. Bindings will also be fitted to your boot size, and this should be done by a professional. You can find savings on all types of bindings by signing up for

ToTop Snowboard Bindings Discounts And Deals

Ski Clothing

Of course, you will want to look your best on the slopes while also staying as warm and dry as possible. The first thing you will want to invest in is a good jacket and pants. These normally have several layers with an outer layer that is water repellent and an inner layer that is breathable. There should also be a layer of insulation. Investing in base layers is also recommended. These will be next to your skin and you want to be sure to choose wicking material that will pull sweat from your body. Do not choose a base layer made of cotton as the fabric will soak up your body’s moisture and could make you feel colder. Mid-layers are also recommended as opposed to thicker jackets as pockets of air can get trapped inside the mid-layers which will keep you warmer. Other things to look for in your ski clothing include vents which zip under the arms or down the legs and allow fresh air inside if the weather warms. A snow skirt is a band inside the jacket that wraps around your waist and keeps snow from getting inside your jacket. You will also need a way to clip ski passes to your jacket where they will be visible. All of these items can be found at a discount through

Top Ski Clothing Discounts And Deals

Ski and Snowboard Goggles

A good pair of goggles is also critical if you plan to ski or snowboard. You can find goggles with cylindrical lenses that curve left to right across the eye and face but with a flat surface. These are usually less expensive but sometimes create more glare. They also can block peripheral vision. Spherical lenses also curve across the face and eyes but the lens itself curves vertically. This creates better peripheral vision and less glare. They are more expensive, however. The good news is that by signing up with, you can find the right goggles, even spherical lenses at a reduced cost. You also want to find goggles with anti-fog coatings and ventilation. Some even come with small fans to help disperse moisture.

Top Ski And Snowboard Goggles Discounts And Deals

Ski and Snowboard Bags

The type of bag you will need for your skis or snowboard will depend on where you plan to travel with your sporting equipment. If you never plan to fly to a destination with them, a simple bag with wheels works well. However, if you do plan to travel by plane, you will want to choose bags with more options. You can find both wheeled and non-wheeled bags that will meet TSA standards and keep your equipment safe. There are also double bags available should you be traveling with someone else who needs to take skis or snowboards. No matter what type of bag you need, offers you discounts that will help you keep more money in your wallet.

Top Ski And Snowboard Bags Discounts And Deals

Ski and Snowboard Gloves

When skiing or snowboarding, you want to protect your hands as the winter winds can be dangerous to your fingers. The first thing to decide is whether you prefer gloves or mittens. Mittens may keep your hands warmer because your fingers are all in one compartment where they generate more heat. However, many people prefer the dexterity of gloves. You can also find what are known as lobster mittens, three finger hybrids that combine a glove and a mitten. You will also likely want to find gloves or mittens that are waterproof. If your hands tend to get cold quickly, you may also want to choose mittens or gloves that are thicker. Most ski gloves and mittens have grips in the palms to help you hold poles. Save on your next pair of ski or snowboard gloves by registering for today.

Top Ski And Snowboard Gloves Discounts And Deals

Lift Tickets

Just like you will need a tee time to play golf, you also need lift tickets to ski. In most cases, lift tickets must be fastened to the skier in some way. Most ski clothing have zippers or hooks where you can clip the ticket and it can be seen easily. You will have to have a lift ticket to board a ski lift or ride a gondola to the top of the mountain. Most ski resorts now have an electronic reader where you scan your ski lift to gain access. Lift tickets can be purchased by the day or week while some resorts do offer half-day passes and others offer night ski packages. You can find savings on your next lift tickets by registering today for

Top Lift Tickets Discounts And Deals

Ski Racks for Vehicles

If you plan to travel to a ski resort, you will likely need a way to transport your skis. You can purchase ski racks for vehicles that make it easy to transport skis and snowboards to any location. You can invest in a cargo box that allows you to carry more gear and keep them protected from the elements. However, these can be expensive, ranging from $300 to $700. Ski racks are usually less expensive and come in various sizes. They take up less space on your vehicle, but your skis and snowboards are not protected. Ski racks come in two basic sizes, small which fits up to four skis or two snowboards and large which fit up to six skis or four snowboards. You can purchase custom made racks as well. By signing up for, you can save money on almost every type of ski rack and there is never a registration fee.

Top Ski Racks For Cars Discounts And Deals

If you are a skier, golfer or snowboarder, sign up for today by filling out the easy online form. You can begin saving immediately and there is never a registration fee.